NOTE: Dennis submitted the following info to Amazon Publishing to describe himself in his own words. He finally published all of his work through his own imprint, which in his usual acerb wit he titled YSG (Young Stud Gazelle). [JTC 2021]

Author Page. Here is Dennis Latham's author page at Dennis Latham Author Page.

YouTube Channel. Dennis the singer and musician lives on in these YouTube clips. This is the Dennis Latham (Marino) channel to which listeners can subscribe. For example, hear Dennis singing the 1986 rock tune Get Up Off Your Love. Visit his YouTube channel and hear him perform a variety of music from classic rock through Frank Sinatra standards; and more!

About Dennis Latham

Dennis Latham, a Vietnam Marine to the end, has published short fiction in several magazines but prefers writing action novels like the acclaimed Michael In Hell. He currently lives in Indiana in a sometimes haunted Victorian house, where he has experienced bizarre events that defy accepted reality. The Kentucky Ghost Hunters, PINK, claim there are at least three ghosts in his house. They act up at times, but seemed to have accepted Dennis and his wife, Dorothy. The author and his wife are Big Band Vocalists and perform in their local area on many weekends. He is currently working on Two Weeks Burning, a novel that combines characters from The Bad Season and Michael In Hell, and a non-fiction narrative The Origins Of My Ghosts. He has just finished Is Everybody Nuts? a novel of mass hysteria from YS Gazelle Publishers.

Update June 2021

The late Dennis Latham (Marino) was a novelist, musician, singer, and humorist among many talents. He was a combat veteran of Vietnam, U.S. Marine Corps, who helped tens of thousands of veterans through his long-standing published monthly newsletter of advice and counsel, titled The S-2 Report. More info soon.

Ed. Note: I regret to inform you that our dear friend and colleague Dennis Latham (Marino) passed away on 13 January 2019 from cancer. Here is his obituary published in Cincinnati, Ohio near his home town of Guilford, Indiana. Dennis was born in 1947 and died at age 72. He leaves behind his beautiful, talented wife Dorothy, with whom he sang jazz riffs at major night club venues in the region. He is survived also by his children and siblings plus many other relatives and friends. We hope to perpetuate his legacy on this historic website and magazine, to which he contributed with great energy. Besides creating the hilarious Ask The Smart Guy column, he was a key transom story reader for Far Sector SFFH.[JTC]

We will shortly post pages listing the books published by our principal editors including Dennis Latham. More info soon. [JTC]

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