Welcome. This is the start page for Renovation 2021, the restoration of the world's first professional, online SFFH magazine without print antecedents (e.g., Ellen Datlow's Omni Magazine). These pages are still heavily in work, so please bear with me (John T. Cullen) as I restore this section as closely as possible to its final form in early 2007 after a very successful ten-year run.

We Published Top Quality! During our decade run as a pioneering, professional online magazine following all the rules of SFWA in that regard, we published a lot of first-rate authors and stories. Click this image link for more info about our award-winning authors (Hugo, Nebula, Asimov, every conceivable major award in the SFFH universe either won or nominated by these authors). amazing author roster

Fictionwise. The leading online purveyor of both fiction and nonfiction in the early 2000s (Fictionwise dot com) is no more, alas. Our magazine closed shop in 2007, leaving our two websites online as museum sites. The Deep Outside SFFH site (1998-2001) still offers most of its stories free to read from excellent authors. The Far Sector SFFH site (2002-2007) still has a lot of content, but the stories were for sale not on our site, but at Fictionwise dot com. That operation was permanently discontinued at the start of 2012. The stories, which were still available for readers to purchase 2007-2011, vanished. I chose not to renegotiate contracts, and in many cases authors preferred to take their work on to other venues like anthologies. So the Stories (list) page on this website is now a dead end. But the historical value of the site remains, if only for research or curiosity purposes. But please note the following!

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Warning: Intellectual Property Notice.

For historical information, visit the Clocktower Books Museum Site. Far Sector SFFH (formerly Deep Outside SFFH) was an imprint of Clocktower Books, our umbrella small press publishing house in San Diego, California USA. Our original motto: "Clocktower Books means Exciting Fiction For Avid Readers—On The Web Since 1996." This was digital publishing at its best in that day, including digital and print editions of many titles. Visit John T. Cullen's Webplex for info about Clocktower Books today, plus his continuing books and projects.