Update June 2021

John T. Cullen, editor of Far Sector SFFH, is also author of fifty books (fiction, nonfiction, poetry). He has written many SFFH titles under the pseudonym John Argo (mythological ship of wonder). Click the photo to visit Galley City, one of his websites, to read half free/try-buy books; many short stories free. Ed. Note: As of June 2021, this site is heavily in work following conversion to Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and certain decay issues normal for older websites. I am hard at work restoring it to full function while also keeping its original content. Thanks for your patience. More info soon. [JTC]

Outdated or Dead Links. While I am doing my best to update and renovate our 2007 (ended) magazine site (Far Sector SFFH), I am not surprised to find some dead or broken links. Wherever possible, I will keep them for their possible historical interest. In many instances, I am adding valuable, current Wikipedia pages to enhance the content from long ago. Our own websites are safe in their well-guarded servers, server farms, or the Cloud. Wikipedia is a safe destination.

Warning: Follow any historical off-site links away from our hosting services if you wish, at your own discretion. Having issued this warning, we take no legal, moral, nor financial responsibility for any possible misadventures you may have on the larger Internet. While some websites are still accessible today as they were in 2007, a few were discontinued. Those domains may have been purchased by who-knows-who for who-knows-what. Please be careful, while enjoying our historic artifacts from the early Internet (World Wide Web). And again, I am adding Wikipedia pages whenever available to enrich your reading.

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Warning: Intellectual Property Notice.

For historical information, visit the Clocktower Books Museum Site. Far Sector SFFH (formerly Deep Outside SFFH) was an imprint of Clocktower Books, our umbrella small press publishing house in San Diego, California USA. Our original motto: "Clocktower Books means Exciting Fiction For Avid Readers—On The Web Since 1996." This was digital publishing at its best in that day, including digital and print editions of many titles. Visit John T. Cullen's Webplex for info about Clocktower Books today, plus his continuing books and projects.