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This Information Was Compiled Jan. 2007. John has accomplished a lot else since then (SEE BELOW).

John Kenneth Muir: John has authored several science fiction novels including Space:1999 The Forsaken. John is a frequent contributor to Cinescape Magazine, and the author of at least seven authoritative published books in the fields of science fiction and horror TV and films. He recently appeared on the Sci-Fi Channel series Sciography, and has been a guest on the radio broadcast Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction. His book Terror Television is available for purchase at, or through the publisher, McFarland.

John by 2007 was already author of

  • Exploring Space: 1999;
  • A Critical History of Doctor Who on TV;
  • An Analytical Guide to Battlestar Galactica;
  • Wes Craven: The Art of Horror; and
  • The Films of John Carpenter, also available through or McFarland.

Library Journal 2004 Interview: (Wayback Machine), listed at John's Wikipedia page.

ADDED: 2021 Information

IMDB BIOGRAPHY John Kenneth Muir is the author of fifteen published books about film and television. His titles include:

  • Best in Show: The Films of Christopher Guest and Company (Applause Theatre and Cinema Books, 2004);
  • The Unseen Force: The Films of Sam Raimi (Applause Theatre and Cinema Books, 2004), and
  • An Askew View: The Films of Kevin Smith (Applause Theatre and Cinema Books, 2002).

Some of his other titles are award winners, including Horror Films of the 1970s (McFarland, 2002), which was a Booklist Editor's Choice and an ALA "best of the best" reference book; and including Terror Television (2001, McFarland), which was also a Booklist Editor's Choice. John's first, brief screen appearance was in 1997's Body Count, as a convict-yard extra reading Siddhartha during the opening sequence.

Since then, John has been tapped as an expert to discuss horror and science fiction and horror films, as well as television series on programs such as The Sci Fi Channel production of Sciography (July 2000) for an episode about the 'Seventies series Battlestar Galactica; and for The E! True Hollywood Story (August 2004) episode Curse of the Exorcist. Recently, Muir was given a 'thank you' credit on the DVD collection Land of the Lost: The Complete Second Season. Follow Wikipedia, IMDB, and John's personal webside (links above) for his continuing achievements.

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