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Welcome. I'm John T. Cullen, publisher, editor, and author. Thank you for visiting our historic magazine website, which had a glorious pioneering run for ten years 1998-2007. This is a historical website linked, among other places online, at the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (ESF) here:

At this moment in time (2021-2022), I am restoring broken links and generally renovating the magazine's website, which has been left largely untouched since we closed in early 2007. My guiding principle is to ideally change nothing, or as little as possible, from the original. But links go gray, humans move on, and the cosmos continues to evolve. I promise that I will do my best to offer you the magazine in as close to its original appearance as possible. That said, you'll find a few added pages of historical notes written now (2021-2022). This page you are reading is an example of such added historical information.

We made history. We made history in 1998 by becoming 'the world's first professional online magazine of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror (SFFH) without print antecedents" (perfect definition by original co-founder Brian Callahan). Here is the way Mike Ashley, publisher, editor, author, and literary historian explains it in on the

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Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (ESF)

Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (ESF) online and current.
Far Sector SFFH at Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (ESF) (ed. Mike Ashley).
  Magazine titles: Outside 1998, Deep Outside SFFH 1998-2002 eds. John T. Cullen and Brian Callahan; Far Sector SFFH 2002-2007 ed. John T. Cullen.
ESF Wikipedia page including info on latest print & online editions, etc.

Mike Ashley

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