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John T. Cullen is a writer and editor with many years of experience in publishing and technical documentation. He lives in San Diego with his wife and son, along with several very contented and happily aging pets. He is the author of The Generals of October, a mainstream political thriller based on the premise ‘what would happen if we had a Second Constitutional Convention?’ His work has been lauded from all parts of the political and critical spectrum as being “exciting, hard-hitting, pulling no punches, slamming everyone equally, and ultimately telling a rip-roaring good story on a vast canvas that such a vital premise deserves.” He was the editor, with Brian Callahan, of the world’s oldest professional web-only magazine of speculative fiction, Deep Outside SFFH, from 1998 to 2000 and now continues the magazine on his own hook under the name Far Sector SFFH. He continues to innovate in new ways to present original and exciting fiction to discriminating readers on the web, through such venues as Fictionwise. He has degrees in English (University of Connecticut, BA 1972), Computer Information Systems (National University, BBA, 1984), and Business Administration (Boston University, M.S., 1980). He lived in Europe for many years (having been born in Germany as a U.S. Army brat of American and Luxembourgish parents) and later returning as a Cold War U.S. Army soldier (six years active duty with commendations) to serve with a major logistics command in Kaiserslautern, then West Germany. John’s first love in life is writing fiction, and within that his first loves are science fiction and suspense. You’ll read more of his work in the near future.

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