2006 Fall (Sep~Oct~Nov)

The Christmas Clock (Clocktower Books, Dec 2006, ISBN 0-7433-0925-1): I am releasing my seasonal fantasy on December 1st (link to follow when available) and am distributing review copies now. The book (a slim volume) is a wry, dark, imaginative journey in the spirit of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Arthur Latchloose is a grumpy old loner who has managed to alienate his family while acquiring all sorts of antiques. He owns a bank and is quite wealthy in finances, but poor in love and spiritual matters. Then he buys a fabulous old Ottoman clock that takes possession of him as much as he owns it. The clock comes with a rather modern genie, Cuphandle, who spends a lot of time talking with the home office on his cell phone—the genie is American, since the genie job is outsourced from the Middle East. Cuphandle offers Arthur an intriguing proposition—start a whole new life, but it means wiping out the old one to make a blank slate. At first, Arthur jumps for it, since he feels he has nothing to lose. Then he remembers his lost loved ones, including wife Gretchen, and maybe he does begin to feel some regretchens. Read the book and find out what happens as Arthur ventures into a tunnel where the river of time has flowed, and which is knee-deep in lost artifacts…

The Bad Season, Clocktower Books, July-August 2006, Paperback, ISBN 0743309057. Author Dennis Latham continues to successfully promote his runaway horror bestseller. On the surface, it is a spine-chilling thriller about a nameless, faceless horror that terrifies the people of Owenton Hollow, Kentucky. At a deeper level, it is a psychological novel that speaks to the ultimate, abyssal nightmares of the combat veteran (Mr. Latham served as a combat Marine in Vietnam and has spent years offering counseling services to fellow veterans). Email Dennis at dennislatham@earthlink.net and visit his website website. Dennis is also the creator and editor of Cliffhanger Novels, looking for submissions. See guidelines at Cliffhanger Novels, an imprint of Clocktower Books.

Ken Rand has written to tell us: "My new short story collection Soul Taster: Four Dark Tales is now out from Notorious Press. Details (and ordering info) on my web page."