August, 2003:
ComiCon 2003 A Stunning Success

ComiCon International 2003 was held July 17-20 in San Diego, California. Special guests at the world's number one comic event included Neil Gaiman, Stan Goldberg, Carla Speed McNeil, and many other greats. From a relatively low key event not quite a decade ago, attended by 600 fans, this has become the superbowl of comic arts attended by over 40,000 persons from around the world. Attendees reputedly included all sorts of lookie-loo scouts from the film and book industries. In fact, given that this was the summer of X-Men 2 and other comic-derivative big ticket motion pictures, it's easy to see the wheels of hype and big biz at work. Nothing, though, can take away from the excitement naturally generated among fans, some of whom showed up as cartoon characters and superheroes at the massive new Convention Center at the edge of the Gaslamp Quarter on the harbor's edge. Check out this Web link and this one: link.


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Books Received

Received: The Light of Eidon Christian allegory/fantasy by Karen Hancock (Bethany House 2003, 312 pp, ISBN 0-7642-2794-7, $12.99). Abramm has dedicated the last eight years of his life to becoming worthy to touch and tend the Sacred Flames of Eidon, and he expects to be blessed for his devotion and sacrifice. Then he is betrayed by his spiritual mentor and sold into slavery by his brothers. Info: Bethany House.